The Energy Revolution

The 11th edition of the Energy Convention takes place on November 24th 2015 in Martiniplaza, Groningen. Here, the latest developments in the energy transition will be discussed. This year’s theme: The Energy Revolution. The transition to a more sustainable energy system is gathering pace. Nothing short of an energy revolution is going on. But some developments in this transition are going faster than others, and some solutions work better than others. “Why is that the case?”, is one of the questions we want to answer at this year’s convention. Why does distributed renewable generation work in some sectors and areas but why is it not (yet) a suitable solution for our major industries? And what can these industries do to reduce their emissions? Apart from technological innovation, the energy transition requires changes in policies, business models, public attitudes and much more. It is therefore essential that we look at these issues using a multidisciplinary approach. What are the main barriers for moving to a sustainable energy system? How and why does that vary per sector or country? There are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions in energy, so at this year’s Energy Convention we want to come to a better understanding of what’s involved and discuss a road map towards a sustainable energy future.

What can you expect?

With a dynamic mix of keynotes, showcases and side events, there is a lot to choose from at the Energy Convention 2015. Pioneers are invited to showcase some of the most successful and inspirational projects, large and small. Our international start-up event, Generate ‘15, will see young entrepreneurs compete for a prize for the best and smartest innovations in sustainable energy. We want to highlight what has already been achieved and what to expect in the near-future. The Energy Convention also provides opportunity for networking and mingling with leading experts in the field and a great variety of stakeholders. And, as ever at the Energy Convention, there will be a large representation of the energy professionals of the future too, who are now students in energy in a variety of disciplines. We’ll hear what they have to say too, as they are the ones who will shape our energy future.


The Energy Convention is an international platform for the interaction between professionals, energy experts, entrepreneurs and students from different areas. Since the last couple of years around 1000 visitors come to the convention to listen to and debate with inspiring high profile speakers. The convention not only offers the keynote speakers, showcases and our international start-up event, but also a great amount of networking possibilities.


Ylva Poelman - Innovation inspired by nature

How are the intersection of biology and technology essential for the energy transition? What kind of new, radical innovations can be found if we take a close look at nature? According to drs. Ylva Poelman, “Companies are not aware of the solutions which nature has to offer. Bionics is big business”. Bionica is all about getting a deeper understanding of nature and the use of lessons of evolution, to create radical solutions for technological challenges. Due to evolution, nature is highly energy efficient, so why would we not learn from it? In fact, 3.8 billion years of free energy research is available right now! Ylva has become a specialist in the areas of innovation, bionica and peoplemanagement since she graduated in Physics and Astronomy. She is an innovation advisor, coach for entrepreneurs and interim manager. Also, she is the founder of YNNOVATOR, an advisory bureau for strategic innovation and initiator of the Bionica Innovation and Expertise Center.

Soren Hermansen - How to create a 100% renewable society?

The energy transition brings challenges that will affect everybody. Søren Hermansen is the driving force of the “Samsø project”, a project whose main focus was creating a 100% renewable island in Denmark; winning the 2009 Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development. Søren Hermansen elaborates on how these challenges are not only about technology and how aspects such as local engagement make all the difference. According to the New York Times: "It's amazing what a little free beer can accomplish. In 1997 the small Danish island of Samso, nestled in the Kattegat Strait, won a contest sponsored by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy. Samsø, then known for its dairy and pig farms, would become Denmark's showcase for sustainable power, eventually going carbon-free. How that would happen, however, was far from clear, since the government initially offered no funding, tax breaks or technical expertise."Søren Hermansen talks about the power of local ownership, decentralized development and the importance of local responsible development. Søren Hermansen is director of the Samsø Energiakademi and head of the Samsø renewable energy island project. His knowledge and experience is widely recognized and well received by audiences from all over the world. He can be seen in TedX and in multiple TV shows, among which the Dutch show ‘Tegenlicht.


Energy Convention

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