The energy transition generates opportunities for all of us.

Energy Startups are an essential driver for the acceleration of the energy transition. Often Energy Startups are better than large companies at developing and introducing technological, social and business innovations. Acceleration programs support Energy Startups to build scalable and innovative businesses, faster than they would be able to on their own. And it is these innovative solutions, that the energy transition needs. We challenge 8 Energy Startups from all over Europe to pitch their idea for our high-profile jury. And, as Generate15 is part of the Energy Convention, you’ll be visiting the leading Energy Event in the Northern Netherlands. Within the Energy Convention Program, we've got two inspiring speakers for you: Aart van Veller (CEO Vandebron) and Ruud Koornstra (CEO Tendris). 

And, we've got plenty networking opportunities for you.  
It's about time we all meet each other. At Generate15, we'll make sure that Energy Startups, business accelerators and large companies get the opportunity to connect. Teams are bound to disclose the total amount of funding received at the time of their application. If candidates violate these conditions, the Generate15 organizing committee will refund the granted money or prizes and is also free to claim remedies for losses as a result of the disorganization and the refusal of valuable candidates. The decision of the Generate15 organizing committee regarding late or non-conforming submissions is final. Our Application Review Board will evaluate each entry and select 8 finalists to pitch at Generate15 on November 24th in Groningen.

The application board consists of industry and tech experts, scientists, investors and seasoned entrepreneurs. Each entry will be reviewed by a minimum of 4 board members. Total scores from each of the readers will be averaged. Entries will be scored along four criteria, each of which is rated on a scale of either 1-5 or 1-6. Our high profile jury will judge the 8 selected finalists. In addition to the aforementioned criteria the jury will strongly look at awesomeness, scalability (size, segmentation, addressability, growth potential, competition) and overall project feasibility (time to market, Intellectual Property landscape, barriers to entry) and passion.



Ontwerp, fotografie & artdirection voor campagne uitingen Generate 15; EAE challenges 8 Energy Startups from all over Europe to pitch their idea for our high-profile jury. Not just another pitch event, but the best EU startup to pitch; the EU’s leading investors to judge, the best EU business accelerators to boost and therefore the best opportunity to meet your current and future industry partners. 

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Fotografie: Vento Boreale